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Nepal Trek Spring 2022 Tsum Valley February 9, 2022 - My brother John and I have joined a group of fellow trekkers that are undertaking a charity trip to the Tsum Valley in Nepal. Help for the Tsum Valley Our friends at the Compassion Project have visited Nepal and the … Continue reading
Kihei-Boat-Launch More fantastic diving with Mike Severns October 19, 2011 - Just finished a trip to Maui and had the good fortune of diving again with the crew at Mike Severns diving. The crew this time included dive masters AJ and Warren (as usual) but I also had a chance to … Continue reading
Indianapolis Food Stops! September 2, 2011 - Ok, next time we’re in Indianapolis to see the Colts, we’re checking out these places: Zest 1134 E. 54th St. Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317) 466-1853
Spotted-Eagle-Rays Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays .. fantastic diving December 24, 2010 - Well, here’s a shout out to Mike Severns Diving in Maui .. (808) 879-6596. As usual, the crew including Warren, AJ, Michelle and last but certainly never least, skilled and fearless (or at least never speechless) captain Andy, managed to … Continue reading
Diving site wishlist January 19, 2010 - Here’s a list of the sites I’ve heard are worth checking out: Thanks Adam S: Kay Op in Tulum Dosojos (2 cenotes there Bat Cave and Barbie Cave)


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