More fantastic diving with Mike Severns

Just finished a trip to Maui and had the good fortune of diving again with the crew at Mike Severns diving. The crew this time included dive masters AJ and Warren (as usual) but I also had a chance to dive with dive master Seth too. As usual, Andy did a masterful job as the captain!


Kihei Boat Launch

Al, Seth, Dani and Andy

Two quiet days in October and the weather was fantastic. Day one I got to dive with AJ and Warren, while the second day I dove with Seth. The fact that every single time I head out with these guys, they have outstanding customer service and attitude .. and that’s not just the awesome sticky buns they consistently provide.

Day one was a great day in the Molokini crater where we saw lots of coral creatures including an extremely large lobster. The second dive at Puu O’Lai had great visibility and lots of turtles and several amazing (apparently rare) fly-bys of four Spotted Eagle Rays.


Spotted Eagle Rays

Bubbles off back wall of Molokini

Day two we hit the back wall of the Molokini Crater with the (literally) breath-taking 350′ expanse of coral and creatures. Dive two on the second day was at Wailea Point with more very friendly turtles.

Thanks again guys – hopefully we’ll see you in another year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays .. fantastic diving

Well, here’s a shout out to Mike Severns Diving in Maui .. (808) 879-6596. As usual, the crew including Warren, AJ, Michelle and last but certainly never least, skilled and fearless (or at least never speechless) captain Andy, managed to provide two superb days of diving in the Molokini crater in Maui. Even with poor visibility on the coast during my second day, the extra time in the crater was well worth it. 

We scoped out the Molokini reef three times and also did the Tank to the Landing craft drift dive. Saw a number of firsts for me on Thursday, including a small octopus, frogfish, flounder and nudibranch.

Other finds included a sponge starfish, a wire coral and a spiny urchin. Sponge Starfish, Wire Coral, Urchin

Thanks very much for another great diving trip to Maui guys! The Severns crew including AJ, Michelle, Andy and Warren were as usual, spectacular dive masters – knew where to look for the interesting bits and were really down to earth. Their dive boat can take out up to 12 divers, so it’s a smaller group allowing more interaction with the crew, compared to the larger 20+ diver boats.

Mike Severns Dive Crew 

See you in another year!