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Allen Pomeroy – Senior IT security professional
cell 512-705-6840
Objective: Security Architect, Security Consultant or IT Security Management

Summary of Experience

  • 20+ years IT industry experience
  • 11+ years Oil and Gas industry experience
  • 10+ years consulting experience
  • Owned or participated in 4 startup IT businesses
  • Written or guided business plans for startups
  • RFP preparation, management, responses as vendor and end user, vendor management
  • Budget and project stewardship of $4M/$1.5M capex/opex, with teams of employees and contractors
  • 10+ years of IT team leadership experience
  • Team building and management experience in both IT and sales roles
  • Director for IT startup companies
  • VP Sales for software company
Education, Certifications, Associations
  • MSc, CISSP, CISA, ITIL, JNFW (exp), CCSA (exp)
  • ACM, ISACA, ISC(2), SPIE, Council of Advisors
Information Security
  • Deep experience with information security control frameworks (NERC CIP v3, ISO/27002, PCI, NIST 800-53, FISMA, COBIT).
  • Design of information security programs, including policy, standards, guidelines and procedures that implement risk reduction and compliance mandate assurance. Most recent focus on NERC CIP v3.
  • Design of enterprise security controls based on regulatory and voluntary compliance requirements and evolving threat mitigation (SABSA, ISF, TOGAF frameworks).
  • Design and implementation of preventative, detective and corrective technical and administrative controls to support information security program objectives, including network segmentation, content filtering, logging/SIEM, IDS/IPS, access controls, stewardship definition, authorization for access. Controls include security metrics.
  • Design and execute Security Risk Assessments to develop security requirements within projects.
  • Consult with project teams to ensure business requirements include adequate security controls to satisfy security policy. Conduct validation of system and network design support of security policy.
  • Support ISO/27002 and NERC CIP audits and assessments, including financials and Areva (Alstom) EMS.
  • Design and implementation of computer security incident response team, including integration with CIP cyber sabotage reporting requirements.
  • Design and assessment of IT systems, network security, backup/recovery, operations and DRP.
  • Systems architecture for multi-tier UNIX based infrastructures supporting advanced technical and commercial environments (such as high volume web hosting, e-commerce, Oracle database, document management and geo-technical processing).
  • Security, performance, and high reliability tuning and design of distributed computing infrastructures (such as web hosting/applications, Oracle database, e-commerce) and corporate IP networks (IPsec/SSL, VPN, firewall, remote access).
  • Systems management consulting for lights out operations and trouble shooting large UNIX server networks.
  • System design, implementation, audit of IP based networks including internetworking (routing, service provisioning), security (multilayer firewall, VPN, host authentication, IDS/IPS), web servers and other key Internet based services.
  • Design and implementation of event handling cluster technology for high availability of event collection. Research of message bus technologies (Kafka) and threat information sharing via STIX/TAXII

Professional Experience

ArcSight (HP) Senior Pre-Sales Engineer

Austin, TX
Apr 2011 – Present

  • Leverage extensive knowledge of security controls
    (ISO/27002, NIST 800-53) used to implement regulatory compliance
    (NERC CIP, PCI, SOX, HIPAA) with ArcSight products.
  • Architect solutions for prospects and existing
    customers from a pre-sales perspective, including technology,
    process, and personnel aspects.
  • Provide expert assistance to customers in adapting
    and extending ArcSight technology to cover advanced business
    cases in health care, utilities, energy and financial verticals.
  • Proficient with ArcSight centralized log management
    (CLM), correlation and incident management (SIEM) and GRC
    automation/reporting tools.
  • Proficient with HP Enterprise Security Products security lifecycle suite,
    including Fortify, TippingPoint and ArcSight.
Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) Enterprise Security Architect

Calgary, AB
Jan 2010 – Mar 2011

  • Created IT security program to implement desired maturity levels in
    compliance (NERC CIP, ISO/27002) and best practice.
  • Developed enterprise wide mandatory security assessment and requirements
    develop processes, integrated into the Project Management Office
  • Consulted with various project teams, providing expert IT security
    recommendations to enable risk reduction and regulatory mandate
  • Primary member of IT Security Committee advising IT leadership on risk
  • Leader of Computer Security Incident Response Team
ICSynergy (AESO)

IT Security Specialist

Calgary, AB
Feb 2008 – Dec 2009

  • Defined
    high level elements of the IT security roadmap with the goal of
    introducing industry best practices to build required IT security
    capability and maturity levels (including tactical use of
    ISO/27002 and NERC CIP).
  • Developed
    IT and Cyber Security Supporting Policy to coordinate IT security
  • Implemented
    centralized system access logging to improve security posture
    visibility. Leveraged logging to enable verification of key IT
    security safeguards including access control roles and
  • Implemented
    Administrator account restrictions to reduce risk of malware
    infection and unauthorized system modifications.
  • Integrated
    Computer Security Incident Response Team with AESO incident
    management process.
  • Performed
    Security Risk Assessments to convey recommended safeguards to
    reduce risk to levels acceptable to the business.
  • Consulted with
    various project teams, providing expert IT security
    recommendations to enable risk reduction and regulatory mandate

Senior Security Engineer (SIEM

Calgary, AB
Sep 2005 – Jan 2008

  • Provided
    expert security specialist assistance to clients looking to
    improve their security operations and/or compliancy verification
  • Supported
    multiple Account Executives covering the west coast and central
    region of North America.
  • Performed
    proof-of-concept engagements on client sites: Integrate into
    customer environments, illustrate how product speeds regulatory
    compliance proof and provides real-time information security risk
  • Presented
    value proposition to multiple audiences, including executive
    level, internal audit, security operations, and
    network/infrastructure groups.
  • Product suite
    includes Security Event Management, Security Information
    Management, Alert Assessment, Incident Response, Advanced
    Forensics, and communications dashboard software tools.
Network Forensics Consulting

Director, Security Services

Calgary, AB
Jul 2005 – Sep 2005

  • Developed
    security strategy and information security policies for clients –
    evaluate business requirements and develop recommended
    information security strategy to frame and prioritize security
    related projects (ISO/27002).
  • Provided subject matter expert advice for security
    redesign – develop product and configuration recommendations
    for improvement of perimeter and core security, including network
    and host IDS, centralized syslog hosting and alerting, firewall
    rule set tuning.
  • Conducted
    vulnerability and security risk assessments – including
    penetration testing and exposure impact assessments. Deliver
    recommended gap closure plans for implementation by internal
Precision Drilling Corporation

Senior Security Architect

Calgary, AB
Mar 2005 – Jun 2005

Managed InfoSec group and consulted with internal
clients to identify and mitigate network connectivity risks and
provide InfoSec certification of project designs.
  • Stewarded
    Perimeter Security Redesign project, including technical, budget
    and project management oversight.
  • Provided
    security assessments of network infrastructure, including
    perimeter network security, corporate inter-office, and DMZ
    (Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, ISS solutions evaluated).
  • Developed
    Security Guidelines (rules of engagement) for wired and wireless
    network and system design, in anticipation of revamped SOX
    compliant Information Security Policy.
  • Provided
    specialist guidance to IT management team for creation of new
    Information Security policy.
  • Managed
    Information Security team with two direct reports.
  • Position
    dissolved with sale of Precision Drilling assets to Weatherford.
Network Forensics Consulting

Director, Security Services

Calgary, AB
Oct 2004 – Mar 2005

Provided IT security specialist assistance to clients including:
Network Security Assessments – Oilfield Services

  • Provided
    security assessments of client infrastructure, including external
    and internal network security assessments, gap identification and
    closure assistance. Vulnerability assessment as well as targeted
    penetration testing.
  • Fundamental
    tools used: Nessus+plugins, Whisker, nikto, nmap, MBSA, Titan,
    JASS, Metasploit.
External DNS – Petro-Canada

  • Performed
    solution research and presented alternative architectures with
    recommended implementation plan.
  • Delivered
    technical solution, including move of 63 domains with zero
Regionalized Centralized Log Repository
Architecture – Petro-Canada

  • Established
    business requirements for Centralized Log Repository sufficient
    to support a global Security Information and Event Management
  • Developed
    architecture framework including alternatives considered and
    recommended solution.
  • Developed staged
    implementation plan for recommended architecture, including
    operational impact assessment.
Enterprise DNS Architecture – Petro-Canada

  • Established
    business requirements for comprehensive Enterprise DNS
    Architecture, covering External, Internal, Extranet, and DRP
    functional silos.
  • Developed
    architecture framework including alternatives considered and
    recommended solution.
  • Developed
    staged implementation plan for recommended architecture,
    including operational impact assessment.
  • Solution
    supported UNIX and Windows (AD) environments, and sped DRP

Team Leader, Unix/Storage

Calgary, AB
Nov 2001 – Sep 2004

  • Lead
    UNIX and Storage infrastructure teams for Upstream and Corporate
  • Supported
    environment included over 27TB of EMC storage, 63 Sun, HP, and
    Linux servers, as well as 120 geo-technical desktops (Sun
  • Stewarded
    $3.5M capital, $1M G&A budget.
  • In-sourced
    and managed team of three UNIX system administrators, established
    operating procedures for architecture, procurement, build,
    maintenance, and group management.
  • Communicated
    with Database, Networking, Security, Intel, Engineering,
    Geological/geophysical, Financial and Commercial application
  • Managed
    annual organic disk growth rate of +60% (EMC) through planned
    organic expansion.
  • Designed
    and implemented DRP infrastructure to support defined application
    RTO objectives (Sun, HP, Linux), with frugal DRP budget
    (selective sync of data over 10Mbps short haul link).
  • Established
    host and network IDS operating environment (Enterasys Dragon on
    Solaris, Linux), provided standards for secure server build and
    maintenance procedures.
  • Established
    UNIX access and privilege auditing, control, and reporting system
    for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance (with TFS UnixControl/Keon).
  • Established
    central syslog environment for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
  • Designed
    and implemented Oracle database consolidation project – 6 Sun
    servers to 2 Sun V880 with Veritas Cluster Server 3.5.
  • Established
    customer care web site (Apache/MySQL/PHP/Mambo) with On-call,
    Vacation, Help Desk, system event calendar, as well as central
    portal for backup/recovery status, system statistics, group task
  • Established
    regular nmap system scanning to identify new hosts and ports on
    the corporate network.
Sun Microsystems, Professional Services: US (Shaw

Senior Systems Consultant

  • Provided
    best industry practice experience to build the operations of
    Residential ISP
  • Provided
    technical and ongoing operations support for ISP services

Calgary, AB
Apr 2001 – Jul 2001

  • Primary
    support for Usenet News services (over 9.5TB of article store)
    bCandid Cyclone and Twister servers (XML and HTML presentation of
    Usenet articles)
  • Sun
    JumpStart / Quark (rapid system recovery and deployment tools)
  • Troubleshooting
    and fine-tuning of automatic monitoring via Netcool, SunMC, and
    HP OpenView
  • Providing
    consulting services for security hardening of hosts and network
    devices, auditing, and intrusion testing / vulnerability
    inventory and remediation.
  • Configuration
    and troubleshooting host based firewall software and policies
    (IPfilter 3)
Burntsand Solutions

e-Solutions Integration

Calgary, AB
Aug 2000 – Apr 2001

  • Provided senior e-commerce technical consulting to Burntsand clients including:
  • Assessed
    and redesigned client perimeter networks, usually due to M&A
  • Designed
    and implemented Checkpoint Firewall-1 3.0, 4.0, 4.1 / Cisco PIX
    525 architectures, including solution run books, remote office
    VPN construction, remote firewall management, audit and re-design
    of firewall management including change and configuration
  • Performed
    advanced Solaris performance tuning
  • Designed
    e-commerce enabling infrastructures, including consulting on
    multi-tier security and web application architectures
  • Performed
    advanced troubleshooting of high availability Documentum system
    (AT&T Wireless, NJ)
  • Designed
    and implemented site infrastructure with iPlanet Enterprise
  • Taught firewall
    design section of Internet Security course at SAIT

Co-founder, Senior Systems

Calgary, AB
Nov 1995 – Aug 2000

  • Launched
    highly specialized UNIX and network systems consulting company
  • Worked with
    CommGeneral clients providing technical services including:
  • Checkpoint
    Firewall-1 (3.0, 4.0) product configuration and operation
  • Review
    and presentation of critical security improvements required to
    address short comings in client internal and perimeter networks
  • iPlanet
    Enterprise Server (3.6) installation and configuration
  • Apache
    Web Server (1.3.19) and OpenSSL installation and configuration
  • Security
    hardening, auditing, and intrusion testing of Solaris and Linux
    machines Internet accessible (mail, DNS, web applications,
    proprietary external access)
  • Setup
    and monitoring of Snort based IDS
  • Review
    of client internal network (CalFed Bank), preparation of security
    posture report including vulnerabilities and gap closure plan
  • Project
    manage and implement large scale system migrations (HP/UX)

Clients included
Amerada-Hess, Crestar, Northstar, Norsk-Hydro, Spectrum Seismic,
Kelman Technologies, Iron Mountain, Pan Alberta Gas, Enerlogix,
Petro-Canada, Telus Mobility (ISM/BC), Beau Canada, Polaris
Technologies, CalFed Bank (US), Fleet Mortgage (US)


VP, Sales and Marketing

Calgary, AB
Jan 1995 – Oct 1995

  • Created
    marketing group; Directed sales of consulting resources; Managed
    sales and marketing team of four
Nova Gas Transmission

Calgary, AB
Jan 1994 – Dec 1994

Senior Systems Administrator

  • Designed
    and implemented IBM RS/6000-590 Oracle server pair
  • Conducted
    security review of server environment, recommended and
    implemented changes (40+ IBM RS/6000 nodes)

Senior Systems Administrator

Calgary, AB
Sep 1991 – Jan 1994

  • Lead first decentralized accounting applications in Canada for Amerada-Hess
  • Established UNIX/Oracle infrastructure for integrated oil and gas application
  • Implemented service availability management processes – including alerting



  • Master of Science, Information Systems, Athabasca University, Thesis Topic: Effective SQL Injection Attack Reconstruction using Network Recording, 2010
  • ISACA, Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA #977990, October 2009
  • ITIL Foundation Course, April 2005
  • ISC(2) Certified Information System Security Professional CISSP #70777, April 2005
  • ICCP, Certified Computing Professional CCP #25002, February 2005
  • Juniper Networks, FW/VPN track, JNFW-CIA certificate, 2004; Checkpoint CCSA, Calgary, 2001
  • HP/UX Virtual Vault 4.0, Mountain View, March 2000
  • Sun Certified Administrator for Solaris; Oracle Database Administration; Programming in C
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Industrial Electronics Technology, Sept 82-May 84

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