Mom did it all

Jan Pomeroy passed away in May 2010. This is what some of her family had to say at her memorial:


Mom was the quiet strength behind our family.

We grew up in a very busy household, first on the Acreage then at Vicary Place. The activities that we participated in while growing up, be it; academic, sport or social were facilitated by Mom.

Throughout my life friends have expressed surprise when they learn that I can cook dinner, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, iron my shirts, and take out the trash. Of course I can, Mom would not have had it any other way.

I started mountaineering when I was young. Dad introduced it as one of the many activities the 31St Tiger Scout Troup was involved in. Climbing became a passion of mine, for many years I spent weekends and the summers climbing at Alpine Club camps or with a few friends. It was Mom that made sure that it was all possible, she made gorpe for breakfasts, she made biscuit and meat bars for my lunches, and she dehydrated everything required for suppers. Mom arranged transportation until I was old enough to drive, she then gave up her own car until I had my own.

The winters where for skiing, again it was Mom that made all the parts come together. Mom sewed gaiters for us. She then taught us to operate the sewing machine so we could make our down jackets and pants.

Mom had that ability to keep all of us kids under her protective umbrella while living a very busy and rich life herself.

It was not until a little later in life when I truly appreciated just how special Mom was. Mom rarely showed or gave voice to her fears about our life style choices. Although it did poke its head up a few times. Once, I was very late coming down off a particular climb on Yamnuska because we got had gotten off the route, a little lost. When the two of us were sitting behind the car taking off our climbing boots a RCMP cruiser pulled up, the constable rolled down his window and asked “Are you Pomeroy” I said “Yes”, and I got told “Call your Mother”.

Whatever I did in life Mom supported it, both the failures as well as the successes.

I consider myself very blessed to have been Janet Pomeroy’s son. I feel like I will always be under her umbrella as I continue through the journey that is my life.

I am very grateful that I was able to return a little bit of that protective care as Mom needed it.

Good Bye Mom.


People say that parents set the value and moral goal posts and hope their kids develop the ability to make judgment decisions that would make the parents proud. Jan did it.

Mom could cook. The whole gamut. For example .. Fresh bread right out of the oven; the kids slicing the heel off both sides of the loaf (before we got caught) .. of course smothered in butter and sometimes, brown sugar. Her famous Pomeroy family chili. The chili was just another example of Mom’s consideration for others. If the dinner table included guests that didn’t appreciate the Pomeroy level of spice, she made both Family and Company chili. Jan just did it.

Mom exhibited traits that we kids wanted to emulate .. humour, kindness, loyalty, class, complexity and yes .. clairvoyance. She almost always anticipated what was troubling us or what kind of trouble we got into. Mom’s really do have eyes in the back of their heads .. or maybe they are just very good at reading child behavior. As it turns out, sometimes those forensics really didn’t have to very good .. she just had to look for the abnormally clean house to know there was a party while the parents were away. Then Jan really did it.

Mom really knew how to do things. Whether it was her kids or her long time friends asking for help or advice on how to tackle a particular problem, we all thought: “Jan will know”. Of course. Jan’s done it.

Mom was the organizational glue that held the family and her friends together whether it was camping, skiing, hiking, making wine, or just keeping all of the kids in line, Jan did it.

Mom could make all of us kids (including Dad) and her friends succeed by quietly and gracefully supporting and encouraging us to do the right things. Jan just did it.

Mom will be missed, but she leaves a rich legacy: her kids and grandkids can cook, hike, camp, make beer, build houses and companies, perform forensics, engineer, and continually strive for more education and growth. I know her family and friends are richer because of her influence.

Now we all do it.

I would like to take this chance to extend a deep thank you to all the out-of-town travelers, our in-town friends and family, as well as the skilled and caring staff at EMS, Foothills Medical Centre Unit 100 and Chinook Hospice.